Learning the organ

Initial Advice

For the majority of the standard repertoire a minimum requirement is:

Playing the Organ

Online Resources. Links to video and other information


Royal College Of Organists (RCO) & The iRCO Virtual Campus:

There is a very good introductory film and reading list which can be accessed FREE if you register for a VIRTUAL CAMPUS 'Guest Account' - H E R E -. Once registered and set up with your recognised Email and Password, you can LOG ON. Go to https://i.rco.org.uk/an-introduction-to-the-pipe-organ-with-andrew-cantrill/ or use the search box on their site for Andrew Cantrill. Many more very good resources are available but as Guest Account holder they are nearly all behind a paywall - typically £3.00 to £9.00 each!! RCO MEMBERSHIP GIVES ALL THESE COMPLETELY FREE, £53 pa Student member [MUST be in FULL TIME EDUCATION] or £102 pa Normal Member.


Very useful NEW resources - click headings below

A comprehensive well organised web links site for all aspects of Pipe Organ knowledge


Ideas and lots of information for beginners, especially Pianists and Keyboard players


American Guild of Organists 30 Video resource LESSONS FOR THE NEW ORGANIST HERE

Another FREE American resource 'Quick Tips for the beginning Organist' :

FREE & low cost- Organ Tutors:

Other mostly modern in print Organ Tutor Books - SUPPLIER LINKS:

Range of possible ORGAN TUTOR BOOKS from Animus - H E R E

Link Page for range of ORGAN TUTOR BOOKS, progressive pieces and Graded J.S. Bach - RSCM Music Direct - H E R E

(It may be worth looking on Amazon & Ebay they may have good second hand copies at reduced prices.)

LINKS TO Leading Organ Music Publishers & NEW Organ Music Suppliers UK

LINKS TO Second Hand Organ Music Suppliers UK - etc

CWOA Have a significant quantity of used Organ & other books, music from the 'Kenneth Heatley Music Bequest'. CWOA have recently elected a Librarian member - Mrs Gillian Potts, who is also on the Steering Committee.

All the music we have is available to FREE to CWOA members, for full listing & details please see the Library Page link below:

How the Pipe Organ works

Good Informative Videos

Action Diagrams (Download Links) from CWOA 'Organs for Pianists' event March 2018

Available Practice Instruments

Church & Address


St Peter & St John's

Clifton Rd, CV21 3QP

   Instrument Details

3 Manual Bevington/Forster & Andrews

Detached Console - Tab Stops, Choir unenclosed

Detailed 7pp Leaflet with Photos (pdf) H E R E


Peter Lock ARSM